GT-201 Gemalto 4G GPS/GNSS tracker

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Key Features

Dimension (mm):91.5 x 54.3 x 17
  •  Fleet Management
  •  Vehicle security/anti-theft
  •  Law enforcement agent0, detective
  •  Personal care
    •  Elders, children, lone workers,
    •  People who exposed to potential dangers, such as social workers, standalone workers
  •  Amusement – worn by hunting dogs
  •  Based on latest LTE plus 3G or 2G coverage
  •  Sensitive GPS+GLONASS with AGPS support
  •  Dual-power supply
    •  Internal 1540mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
      •  Built-in charging/protection circuit
  •  External power (optional)
    •  From 12V/24V vehicle battery with power adapter cable or
    •  High-capacity battery pack (e.g. 17000mAh)
  •  Power could be switched OFF or ON by power switch button.
  •  Smart switching between two power sources
  •  External power loss alarm
  •  Indication of both power levels and power low alerts
  •  Smart power saving by 3-axis g-sensor allowing long working time
    •  21-hour once per minute continuous reports with internal battery
    •  1-month working time with external battery pack; 4-hour/day, once/minute
  •  Compact & strong
    •  No wiring-demand, all antennas built-inside
      • 4G +  3G + 2G antenna
      • GPS + GLONASS antenna 
    •  Drop-safe
    •  Plug & play - SIM card-based auto APN select
  •  Worldwide LTE-band support
    •  Australia/Asia
    •  Europe
    •  Japan
    •  USA
  •  Easy waterproof by sealing the bottom interfaces
  •  Regular live position update could be enabled or disabled. Various report interval is available.
  •  Geo-fence with in/out options
    •  Easy setting - click & drag on map
  •  Data buffering as there is no cellular coverage
    •  Data stored in local memory
    •  Automatically re-transmit as coverage is back
  •  Latest location query
    •  A voice call will trigger a location update. 
    •  APP can also send a SMS to get the location.
  •  Multi-language support – English, Japanese, Chinese and more

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order:1
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