ES500 3G/GNSS AGPS Compact Sensitive Tracker with APP & Web Access.

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Key Features

Mechanical Data – 

  • 65 x 45 x 14 (mm)
  • Weight – 41.5g
  •  Personal, detective tracking
  •  Fleet/group vehicle tracking & management
  •  Asset security & tracking
  •  SiRFStartV GPS&GLONASS w/ AGPS support
  •  Gemalto high performance 3G/2G communication
  •  Bosch tri-axis G-Sensor
  •  Recovery from communication dead-zone – auto-retransmit after passing null-cellular signal zone.
    •  Up to 16 thousands report buffer capacity, or
    •  270 hours non-stop report at interval of 1 minute, or
    •  11 days, day and night non-stop report at interval of 1 minute
  •  Peace of mind;
    •  Move call – call you automatically as the tracker (or your asset) moves. One just ignores the reminding call from the tracker. The tracker hangs up the call automatically. Asset status is under your control.
    •  Move alert – send your smartphone an alert via cloud notification as the tracker moves.  This function is useful for data-only SIM plan.
  •  Flexible external power supply via RCY connector
    •  Battery of different capacities could be used.
    •  Adapter cable from vehicle battery available
  •  Smart power saving as there is no moves
  •  Low battery alert# (1 day*h working remains)
  •  Long standby time# – 120 days (5 days*h working remains)
  •  Long working time# – 20 days
  •  OTA (Over The Air) configuration-parameter setting
    •  Report interval/distance
    •  Sleep/Hibernate power saving mode
    •  Geo-Fence: IN, OUT or IN and OUT
    •  SMS alert on events
    •  Move call
    •  Etc.
  •  OTA firmware upgrade (for maintenance use)
  •  APP support:APP Store & Google Play
  •  Easy geo-fence setting – click & drag on map
  •  Powerful history browsing/playback function
  •  1 month history data stored in the server

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