GT-200 , SiRF 5 , size : 67 x 49 x 18mm , Reliable, 3G GPS&GLONASS Portable Tracker with APP & Web Support

  • Model No.:GT-200
  • Made in:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 175.0 ~ 175.0
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  • Type:Remote Controller

Key Features

  SS4 GPS - fix position in difficult environments 
 Peace of mind; Move call – call you automaticallyas the tracker (or your asset) moves. One justignores the call from the tracker. The tracker hangsup the call automatically. Asset status is under yourcontrol. 
 Flexible external power supply via RCY connector 
     * Battery of different capacities 
     *Power adapter cable from vehicle battery 
 Report data buffering as there is no GPRS signal 
    *Up to 24 thousands reports buffer capacity, or 
    *405 hours non-stop report at interval of 1minute, or 
   *16+ days, day and night non-stop report atinterval of 1 minute Smart power saving as there is no moves 
 Low battery alert#(2 days* working remains) 
 Long standby time# – 180 days (10 days* workingremains) Long working time# – 30 days* 
 1 month free server access 
 1 month history data stored in the server 
 OTA (Over The Air) configuration-parameter setting 
     * Report interval/distance 
     * Sleep/Hibernate power saving mode 
     * Geo-Fence: IN, OUT or IN and OUT 
     * SMS alert on events 
     * Move call 
     * Time zone 
 Powerful history browsing/playback function 
 Easy geo-fence setting – click & drag on map 
 OTA firmware upgrade (for maintenance use) 
 Web access from Smart phone, tablet, PC etc 
 Parameter update via SMS commands available

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