GT-200 , SiRF 5 , size : 67 x 49 x 18mm , Reliable, 3G GPS&GLONASS Portable Tracker with APP & Web Support

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Key Features

Dimension (mm):67 x 49 x 18
  •  Personal care (GT-200M, GT-200H)
    •  Elders, children
    •  People exposed to potential dangers, such as social worker, standalone worker
  •  Anti-theft (GT-200A)
    •  Assets (iMAX TV, machines, instruments etc.)
  •  Fleet Management (GT-200V)
  •  Watertight
  •  Drop-safe
  •  10~14 days long standby time1,2
  •  19 hours continuous report once per minute1
  •  1-year standby time for GT-200H sub-model
  •  3-month standby time for GT-200A1,7 sub-model
  •  Built-in charging circuit & rechargeable battery
  •  Micro-USB and/or Qi-compliant wireless charging
  •  Battery low notification
  •  Ultra-sensitive GPS/GLONASS/QZSS with AGPS
  •  Cell positioning as GNSS is not available
  •  High speed 3G communication
  •  SOS (panic) button for emergency help request
  •  Built-in microphone/speaker for 2-way voice calls
  •  Hands free loud speaking, good to hearing-impaired
  •  Secure and private, only authorized people can
    •  check the tracker’s location
    •  call the tracker
  •  Geo-fence with in/out options
    •  Setting is easy - click & drag on map
  •  Regular live position update could be enabled or disabled. If enabled,
    •  Default: one report every minute
    •  Options from 1 min to 720 min available. If disabled, update position by wakeup it..
  •  Latest location query
    •  A voice call will trigger a location update.
    •  APP can also send a SMS to get the location.
  •  Data buffering: If there is no cellular coverage, data is stored in local memory. Automatically re-transmit the stored data as cellular coverage is restored.
  •  Multi-language support – English, Japanese, Chinese and more

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